Academic Research

Lunchtime Lecture

Lunchtime Lecture by Professor Aleš Lebeda from Palacký University, Faculty of Science, Department of Botany
“Interactions in wild plant pathosystem Lactuca spp. – Bremia lactucae”

15th February, 12.30pm to 1.15pm

University of Worcester. WR2 6AJ. Room BY G199

Staff and students are invited to attend a lunchtime lecture by Professor Aleš Lebeda

Professor Lebeda lectures in systematics and evolution of lower plants (fungi), general mycology, general and special phytopathology, at the University of Palacký, Czech Republic. He has extensive research experience in biology and genetics of plant-pathogen interactions (preferentially biotroph parasites), biodiversity in natural and cultural plant pathosystems, plant resistance mechanisms, population biology of plant pathogens, variability of plant genetic resources and their use in biotechnology and plant breeding. Professor Lebeda has published over 900 articles and given over 150 lectures worldwide.

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