Staff Notices

Timetabling news

We are pleased to welcome Jill Meadows to our team following Sarah Marshall’s relocation to Cumbria back in December. Jill started with us on Wednesday and is a welcome addition to the team.

As semester 2 is now underway, please could you take a few minutes to check your timetables carefully and let us know if they are able to release any rooms. Ideally, anomalies should have already been noted and resolved ahead of the start of semester, but should you have a query please email Note that we are currently heavily involved in timetable prep for 2012/13 and may not be able to respond as quickly as usual to your requests.

Staff should also be reminded that timetables for the current and subsequent weeks can be found on the web.

If you log in to the staff web page you will see a link for timetable room information. Select the date you wish to check and the letter for your module along the top. This will then bring up all the module information that fits the criteria, including the room allocation.

Students can find the same information through the student homepage – there is a link on the front page about ¾ of the way down the page on the right-hand side.

Many thanks for your help and understanding at this particularly busy time.

Helen, Jennie, Jill & Lizzie
Timetabling & Space Management Office

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