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Final year students – Free offers and lots of help from ILS

We’ve launched a couple of offers for final year students which we hope will be helpful as you work to complete your Independent Study…

We have ‘Free Document Binding Vouchers’ and if you need an additional copy of your ‘Referencing Guide’ we have some of those to give away too.

The voucher for the offers is in the ‘Final Year Students Guide’ along with information which we hope will be helpful to you. The guides are available for collection from Peirson and all the Social Learning areas.

Staff – New version of Blackboard

A new version of our VLE software is being introduced and there are some significant differences between the old and new versions that staff need to be aware of. For a quick overview of the new system please watch this two minute clip:

If you’d like some more information about the up and coming changes, you can sign up for an introductory workshop on 22nd February, at 2.15 – 3.15 in PL1002 by going to the Staff Development Booking system or emailing

Key Dates:

Semester 2 2011/12 – Pilot Groups using New Blackboard
March – July 2012 – Ongoing weekly training sessions – look out for more information
Easter 2012 onwards – Semester 1 2012/13 courses available for development
August/September 2012 – New Blackboard goes LIVE – old Blackboard no longer available.

Final year students – independent study research. Additional Allocations

Final year students… Don’t forget that you’re entitled to up to 25 inter library requests this year.

These are for books or articles that aren’t in our library. We’ll try to track them down from the British Library – giving you access to over 3 million books and 46 thousand journals!

Remember to check that the item is not available via Summon/our library catalogue first, then complete an inter library request form.

Forms are available from the Library desks.

See our web pages or email Catherine or Su at for more information.

Research collection event on February 18th

If you’re in town on Saturday do drop in…

February 18th 2012.           The Research Collections will be represented at ‘Living History in Worcester VIII’

  • Event:                   Living History in Worcester VIII
  • Location               Guildhall, Worcester
  • Date                      Sat. 18th Feb 2012
  • Time                      Open to public – 10:00am – 4:00pm
  • The event is free to the Public and there no charge for exhibitors in the Assembly room.
  • All monies raised through voluntary collections are donated to the Mayor’s Charities.

The Research Collections will be represented at this event. Also, spot the member of Library Staff in full Civil War Cavalier kit ready to fight for King and country …

Students & staff – The HIVE Update

Now the Hive building has been handed over to us, we’re working hard to install ICT and AV and to prepare the stock ready for the move.

We’ve set up tours for StARs and some groups of staff to see inside, and will extend these opportunities out to as many members of the University as we can over the next few months. We’ll also be offering tours to prospective students on Open and Visit Days to give them a flavour of the facilities that we can offer them.

If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to look around there’s lots of information for University staff and students about The Hive at the University…

  • There’s a PowerPoint presentation in the Hive display area of Peirson,
  • there’s FAQ’s for University students and staff (on Facebook),
  • there’s a presentation on the big screen in Peirson,
  • there’s The Hive Facebook page for the University community and the web for everyone


Students & staff – survey updates and thanks

Digital literacy survey

111 students and 97 staff completed the surveys. The winners were Peter Baker for the staff and a student who we have contacted through University email, please reply to claim your £50 Amazon Voucher – Congratulations! Your prizes will soon be with you. The main findings of the survey will be published on the Digital Literacy Services web pages under Annual Survey Report.

Digital literacy services web pages

The Digital Literacy Services at the University are part of the Information & Learning Services and the Digital Literacy web pages can now be found on the ILS web site

Students & staff – ‘Key text’ in store at Waterstones

In association with Waterstones University Bookstore many key text books recommended by tutors are now available at the University branch of Waterstones for students who wish to purchase their own copy to keep.

Whenever possible here in ILS we make important or heavily used material available as e-books and online journals to maximise the number of students who can use them at any given time.  We’re now digitising heavily used book chapters which we deliver to you in Blackboard in partnership with your module leaders. We’ve also invested heavily in our print collection too, so make sure to use all the quality resources available to you online through Summon, the Library Catalogue and Blackboard.

These are just a few of the measures undertaken as part of our reading strategies initiative to maximise student access to key reading. If you would like to know more about the reading strategies initiative, please visit our webpage, or contact your Academic Liaison Librarian.

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