Academic Research

Institute of Humanities and Creative Arts Research Focus Day: “a place, a space”

Thursday June 21st 2012

Call for papers

We invite proposals for contributions to a one-day conference exploring the relevance of ‘place’ and ‘space’ to the different fields of research within the university. Place and space are integral to many of the discourses that shape our subject areas, providing important contexts and arenas for research activity. These terms are not, however, uniformly defined, understood, or experienced. One geographer’s boundary might be one performer’s space. With this conference, we want to open places and spaces for a multi-voiced conversation between, across and through our varied disciplinary specialisms. We hope that the breadth of this focus will both allow individuals to present and share their research interests, and encourage further conversations which will, in turn, sow the seeds of collaborative work across the university as a whole.

In addition to the traditional scholarly paper (20 mins), we invite creative and provocative responses to the theme, in the form of performances, workshops, guided walks, interventions, installations and posters. All proposals relating explicitly to ‘place’ and/or ‘space’ will be considered but an indicative list of topics would include:

Site; habitat; habitus; environment; natural/cultural places and spaces; third space; virtual space; gender and place/space; postcolonial space; territory; nation; land; borderlands; edgelands; waterlands; constructions and productions of space and place; embodiment; contested places/spaces; non-place; the local and the global; diaspora; utopia/dystopia/heteropia; flows and scapes – landscapes, cityscapes, soundscapes, inscapes, escapes…

We would be grateful if you could send expressions of interest to DR JANE GEORGE ( or DR DAVID ARNOLD ( by Tuesday 6th March.

PLEASE SEND PROPOSALS BY EMAIL BY MONDAY 16TH APRIL. Proposals should be no longer than 200 words.

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