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ILS News – March 5


From 12th March… Print from wherever you are, from most devices, using the new web based print submission system


  • Print @ UW from mobile devices, iPads, laptops, etc.
  • Send assignments to print at UW overnight for collection the following morning.
  • Print from MS Office, PDF, Open office and select Apple formats.
  • Easy online credit top up and parental payment system.

Available through the student portal so you don’t have to log in again.

ILS student satisfaction survey

A full set of results will shortly be available on the web, in the meantime the chart below shows the increase in the numbers of students who fell into the 2 highest categories of satisfaction in the ILS Student Satisfaction Survey. The results show a year on year improvement in services. Once again we’d like to say an enormous ‘thank you’ to the record number of over 2000 students who completed the survey.

Where there are blanks the question was rolled up into the one above in 2012.

% of students’ very or fairly satisfied’ with resources… 

2010 2011 2012
Range of printed books and eBooks 87.40%
Range of books 76%
Range of electronic resources 81.10%
Availability of key text 51.40% 58% 71.80%
Range of print and ejournals 81.60%
Range of journals 72.40%
Range of ejournals 81.10%
Photocopy facilities 65.50% 68.50% 71.30%
Teaching in the use of information resources 65.60% 70.70% 77.80%
Printing facilities from computers 67.20% 69.30% 73.30%
Helpfulness of staff 79% 84% 90.70%
Opening times 78.60% 86% 90.60%

Free offers and lots of help from ILS

Simply collect a leaflet entitled ‘Final Year Students Guide’ from Peirson or any of the social learning areas and inside you’ll find vouchers for Free Document Binding and a Free Referencing Guide as well as lots of useful tips to help you in your final year.

There’s information about getting hold of resources, getting support and advice, ICT access and storage, additional InterLibrary requests, and lots more.

‘Key Text’ in store @ Waterstones

In association with Waterstones University Bookstore many key text books recommended by tutors are now available at the University branch of Waterstones for students who wish to purchase their own copy to keep.

Whenever possible here in ILS we make important or heavily used material available as e-books and online journals to maximise the number of students who can use them at any given time. We’re now digitising heavily used book chapters which we deliver to you in Blackboard in partnership with your module leaders. We’ve also invested heavily in our print collection too, so make sure to use all the quality resources available to you online through Summon, the Library Catalogue and Blackboard.

These are just a few of the measures undertaken as part of our reading strategies initiative to maximise student access to key reading. If you would like to know more about the reading strategies initiative, please visit our webpage, or contact your Academic Liaison Librarian.

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