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Centre for Palliative Care lecture series

Centre for Palliative Care lecture series

It is generally recognised that research into palliative care is important in order to understand the needs of dying patients and those important to them. It is also acknowledged that palliative care is a sensitive area to investigate, therefore any research undertaken needs careful planning and delivery.

The Centre for Palliative Care aims to carry out different research projects including some sensitive areas like understanding the needs and aspirations of the bereaved during dying and after death. The Centre will also take every opportunity to share widely any new knowledge from its activities, whilst inviting other outside researchers to share their findings. Such sharing and dissemination will be done through a series of lectures and next and final lecture for this year will be on 4th December 2014.

This is a double header and will be held at the University of Worcester, Room  EE2015,  St John’s Campus (1.30-4.30pm) under the title:

The Watershed


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