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A taste of what’s coming up at The Hive over the next few weeks.  Tickets can now be booked online

2 May, 7pm, F.A.N.Y
A startling new play about five women’s courage, bravery and exception in WW1.

Innovative Theatre Company ‘Anonymous is a Woman’ present First Aid Nursing Yeomanry: The story of the incredible women who drove ambulances from the front line of the bloody battlefield to the nearby hospitals in WW1.  The show is based on real accounts already accessed from the F.A.N.Y records and the Imperial War Museum, and adapted from a novel by Robert Radcliffe.  So little has ever been said about these war women; now as part of the Imperial War Museum’s Centenary Partnership their story will finally be heard.

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6 May, 6pm
“I was never told, never asked, I never knew!” Involving families in mental healthcare decisions: what does psychology tell us?

Free Public lecture presented by Professor Eleanor Bradley – read more

10 May, 6.30pm
Pride [15] (Runtime: 120 minutes)

Bill Nighy and Imelda Staunton star in a heart-warming tale of friendship and solidarity in the face of bleak and desperate times. It is the 1980s and the mineworkers are on strike under the Iron hand of Margaret Thatcher but help comes from an unlikely source when a group of gay and lesbian activists decide to take their money and their support directly to a welsh mining village. A good-humoured and triumphant tale.
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14 May, 7.30pm, A World Beyond Man
Presented by Centric Theatre

A World Beyond Man charts the extraordinary true story of navigator Valerian Albanov’s 235 mile journey across the arctic ice in search of rescue. A badly planned expedition led to the Russian hunting ship the Saint Anna getting locked in the polar ice of the Kara Sea, one hundred years ago. After waiting for a thaw for 18 months, Albanov decided that the situation was hopeless and resolved to leave the ship and return to civilization on foot. In January 1914, he and 13 other crew members set off on this perilous journey.
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