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Are you Publishing a Book? Is Your Work Featured in a New Book?

Are you Publishing a Book? Is Your Work Featured in a New Book?

If so, thanks for telling us. Now let’s include your ideas in ‘Academic Book Week’ (9th to 14th November 2015)

We’ve had lots of responses (over 50 publications to date) from University of Worcester Staff, so we’re starting to look at what you’d like to see happen in Academic Book Week.

Where We’re Up To: We’re just gone back to staff who’ve already replied to gather a few more details regarding what their books / papers are about. We’ve heard from staff who are happy to talk about the publishing process, speak to students, special interest groups and the public. We’ve had offers from public speakers, in addition to staff and students who are happy to run workshops and book signings.

It’s Not Too Late To Get Involved: If there are any more University people and books that you think we should be promoting during ‘Academic Book Week’, now’s your chance to tell us. If you haven’t already told us, but would like to be included, please contact Jane Barstow or Su Fagg with short details of your book/ paper and what you’d like to see happening in Academic Book Week.

What’s Next: When we’ve got info from everyone who’s expressed an interest we’ll put together a list of ideas for events, circulate this to everyone for amends / additions, then we’ll get organising to make it happen!

Academic Book Week is a national event which has the backing of the Booksellers Association, the Publishers Association and is part of the Academic Book of the Future Project.

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