Call for Volunteers – Repair Café

Timetable 2016

Call for Volunteers – give up an hour or two over lunch on Thursday 11th February to help fix clothes, sew on buttons, broken jewellery, software glitches on phones, whatever you can help with.

Go Green Week 8th to 12th February is an annual event – a week of awareness raising activities organised by students. See the flyer for what’s planned during the week.

This year following from the success of holding a Repair Café on campus for the first time we are seeing if we can from the staff and students find our own Repair Team, who are prepared to give up a couple of hours over lunch, and have skills they are prepared to share.

The ethos of a Repair Café is that you learn how to do the repairs yourself. 

·         Can you sew on a button, can you show a student how to do this?

·         Can you glue a shoe sole back on? Can you show a student how to do this?

·         Are you good at fixing software glitches on laptops? Can you show a colleague how to do it?

·         Can you adjust brakes on a bicycle? Join our experienced bike repairs team to help on their stall?

If you think you have a repair skill that you would like volunteer to the Repair Café, please get in touch with Katy Boom ext 5243

Please note we are NOT offering to repair any electrical items. All people bringing items to be repaired will be asked to sign a disclaimer in case any item gets damaged when trying to be fixed.

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