Wellbeing at Work

Does your job involve sitting at a desk and computer for most of the day? If so, would you be interested in volunteering for an assessment of your workstation, by 2nd year Occupational Therapy students? The students will have received basic training to assess work stations by Colin Fry, University of Worcester Health & Safety
Co-ordinator, in collaboration with the Occupational Therapy lecturers. Now they need to practice these skills and demonstrate their knowledge in a supervised way.

The assessments will happen on Thursday February 18th after 3.00pm. The students will take between 30 – 40 minutes to complete the assessment and then report back to Colin the findings. Two students will come to you in your office at the appointed time and ask you some basic questions about your work. They may take pictures of your desk and advise on the height of your chair, computer screen and desk layout. They will also talk to you about strategies to ensure your physical comfort. If students identify any potential issues they will report back to Colin for follow-up.

If you are interested and will be available on the 18th, please email Yvonne Thomas y.thomas@worc.ac.uk.

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