Event for students: “Fancy a Cuppa?”

“Fancy a Cuppa?” is an event ran by Student Services support staff at various points in the academic year. It will be returning in May, offering students another opportunity to have a free drink and spend some time relaxing in the company of others.

Students can also come and speak with a member of staff in confidence and in a non-judgemental manner.

Please encourage students to come along to the “Fancy a Cuppa?” event for a free hot drink and a chat with friendly and welcoming members of Student Services. We are here to listen, share in their experiences and offer advice if required. If students would like to speak to someone in private, a room is available.

On certain days we will be joined by a therapy dog, Monty, who students (or staff) are welcome to stroke and pet.

“Fancy a Cuppa?” will take place on the following days:

Monday 16 to Friday 20 May 2016 1-2pm

Attached is a poster that you are encouraged to print and display. Fancy a cuppa poster


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