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Library Services Strategy 2015-2020

The mission of the University of Worcester Library Services is to provide excellent library services, facilities, resources and training and advice to all members of the University on and off campus, as well as members of the community who use The Hive.

Our new strategy describes how we intend to move forward over the next few years and can be found on the library webpages under About Us / Reports, policies and strategies.

Thank you to everyone who helped in the development of the plan.

Great Hive Book Rescue – books needed!

Assignments and exams are nearly over and everyone’s minds are turning to the summer holidays. If you’ve got books that you no longer need, don’t lug them home with you! Please donate them to the Great Hive Book Rescue. Last year, the kind donations of UW students and staff meant we united over 700 books with new owners and raised well over £300 for RAG. With your help we can do even better this year. There are collection boxes in Binyon foyer, firstpoint, Charles Hastings and The Hive.

And if you’re returning in 2nd or 3rd year, look out for the Great Hive Book Rescue event at The Hive on October 5th. All the books you can carry for 50p each.

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