Quality Management of Placement and Work-Based Learning

Dear Colleagues,

With the increasing emphasis on employability, placements and work-based learning are now integral to many of the University’s programmes. These experiences take many different forms which need to be managed appropriately to fulfil our responsibilities for risk management and the welfare of students as well as ensuring the academic standards and quality of the student experiences, irrespective of where these are delivered or who provides them.

A Task and Finish Group has been reviewing the University’s policy and arrangements for the quality management of placement and work-based learning. The aim has been to update the policy, develop further guidance and consolidate the various processes into one key document as a go to source of information for the proportionate management of a range of WBL and placement experiences.

This staff development session is aimed at anyone in the University or its collaborative partner organisations that are involved in or responsible for the management of placements and/or work-based learning experiences which are integral to a programme of study (courses or modules) at undergraduate or postgraduate level. This includes staff in Institutes, both course teams and academic support units, professional service teams and collaborative partners. It is particularly relevant as an update for placement or work-based learning coordinators and others who directly support students’ experiences of placement and WBL opportunities.

The session will provide the context and rationale for development of the new policy and guidance, outline the updated documentation and facilitate discussion around process elements that must be taken into account in the quality management of placements and work-based learning. There will be opportunity to ask questions and share current good practice. The intention is to follow on by reconvening a Special Interest Group for on-going support and sharing of best practice across the University and its partners through next academic year.

The sessions will be facilitated by Sue Cuthbert (Head of Collaborative Programmes, lead on Task and Finish Group) and Colin Wood (leads on the management of placement and WBL experiences in the Institute of Sport and Exercise Science).

There are three sessions currently planned:

Weds 22nd June 2016      1130-1330  St John’s Campus Room EE2009

Tues 28th June 2016         1215-1415  St John’s Campus Room EE1061

Tues 19th July 2016           1215-1415  Room City Campus Room CH2001

Refreshments will be provided.

To sign up, please go to the Staff Development Workshop booking link on the University Staff web page.

We look forward to seeing you.


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