Student Led Timetabling – update

A brief update on 2016-17 Timetable Preparation, which staff may find useful to read.

Publish draft timetables with timetable slots and specialist facilities

Draft timetables were published to timetable representatives on Friday 10th June 2016.  At the point of publication 85% of the 34,000 individual module activities were scheduled, i.e. with a day, time and room. To put this in context, at the same point last year (2015-16), 74% had been scheduled but not all activities had been roomed.

This is a great achievement taking into account scheduling did not commence until Thursday 12th May (compared to the original date of the 18th April).

Timescales for reviewing the draft timetable

A three week period has been allocated to review the draft

The deadline for all responses is Friday 1st July 2016.

Please note that we will only liaise directly with Timetable representatives during the review period.

Should we receive requests direct from staff we will not action and forward it on the relevant Timetable Representative for consideration/review.

Unscheduled sessions

There are teaching sessions that currently remain unscheduled. By unscheduled this means both modules that had pre-set days and times, and those that did not. In both instances no rooms were available.

We will be working with timetable representatives to resolve these.

Timetable Change Requests for Scheduled Modules

All other timetable change requests for scheduled modules must be submitted on the Timetable Change Request Template (TCR).

The TCR form is also available online and can be found here. Should staff wish to see this for information.

Reminder – Scope for Timetable Change Requests

As you are no doubt aware the timetable has been scheduled based on student choice (for L5 & L6) to provide an individualised student clash free timetable. We must ensure that students retain a clash free timetable for all levels and across all programmes.

Heads of Institutes agreed certain module activities could be scheduled with a pre-set day and time based on agreed timetabling principles and submitted rationales. Outside of this all other activities has been scheduled across the teaching week based on agreed constraints, i.e. staff non availability, travel and lunch breaks.

Should requests be submitted to move scheduled modules that originally did not have pre-set day and times to different days/times, a clear rationale will be required as part of completion of the TCR.

This request will be reviewed and scoped to consider the feasibility, but ensuring an individual student clash free timetable is maintained. We will be seeking approval from your Head of Institute for these types of requests.

We have asked that change requests are submitted as early as possible and not left until close to the deadline. This will give sufficient time to process in good time and not risk delaying the publication of student timetables.

Ongoing improvements and refinements to support the University Timetable

As is the norm, over the coming months timetabling will continue to evaluate and review the quality of both the University timetable and individual student timetables.  Consequentially it may prove necessary to contact timetable representatives for further discussions after this initial review period.


Elisé and the Timetabling Team

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