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How Emotionally Intelligent are you?

As part of a Master’s Dissertation, University of Worcester employees are being invited to take part in research to understand the impact that emotional intelligence has on supervisor ratings of performance.

The researcher, Charlotte Winter, is working with a Cheltenham based company; JCA Occupational Psychologists to explore the above using a newly developed Emotional intelligence scale – EIP-A

Emotional Intelligence as the ‘missing link’ that helps turn personality (our potential and innate human resources) into effective performance. This is summarised by our formula:


The EIP-A is based on the well supported EIP scale which has been found to be a reliable (r = 0.75) and valid tool for measuring emotional intelligence.

Why take part?

In return for their participation individuals would receive the following:

  • A personalised report on their Emotional Intelligence, that explains how to use their strengths and improve their development areas
  • A complete Personality Type Profile.
  • Chapter 1 of the JCA book “EI @ work” explaining what is emotional intelligence
  • A dedicated support line number should they need any help in completing the pilot questionnaire
  • Self-reflection and self-development from the process of completing the online pilot questions What does it involve? You will be sent a link to the EIP-A via email for you to click and complete. The questionnaire will take between 60-90 minutes and you will receive a personalised emotional intelligence and personality report following its completion. You will also be required to provide the email address of your supervisor or line manager, in order for them to be contacted and asked to complete a short 5 minute questionnaire about your working competencies. For more information download the Information Sheet. Please be advised that your results on the psychometric test will have no repercussions for your employment or working practice. All data is kept confidential and used solely for research purposes. No individuals’ results will be analysed in isolation other than for the purpose of sending to the individual a copy of their own report. The responses from line managers are also analysed as a group and are not used for any other purpose.There are no right or wrong answers. 

The project has got full ethical approval and is being supervised by Helen Scott, Senior Lecturer in Occupational Psychology, University of Worcester

If you would like to take part please email Charlotte Winter on


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