Female participants wanted for exercise studies

One project will be looking at comparing bouts of energetic gym and non-gym-based exercise. We plan to compare the body’s response to both of these modes, which will inform introducing some of these more energetic non-gym-based exercise as options within a physical activity programme. The reason we want to explore these non-gym-based bouts of exercise is that they may be a really convenient, time efficient way of exercising!

The other project will investigate appetite responses to an exercise session of sprints on an exercise bike. It appears that exercise may affect food intake; this may be a result of alterations in appetite post-exercise. If we are looking to introduce some short bouts of strenuous exercise into a physical activity programme, we’re interested to know what effect this might have on appetite.

Both projects will be investigated at the University of Worcester. If you decide to take part, we would ask you to visit our lab on St John’s campus on either 3 or 4 occasions. These studies won’t involve exercise outside of our lab; we’re just interested in what happens during and immediately after the exercise for the time being.

Please email a.burgin@worc.ac.uk or a.holliday@worc.ac.uk if you are interested and would like some more information. Thank you.

Recruitment Poster_Appetite Study

Exercise study Poster

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