Male participants required urgently for a sit-stand workstation study this summer!

Dear colleague,

As part of a Vacation Research Assistant Scheme project we need male volunteers for us to be able to investigate spinal biomechanics and muscle activity when operating two of the most popular sit-stand desktop workstations.

You need to:

  • Be 18 or older with no medical diagnosis of spinal pathology effecting spinal mobility;
  • Have no current symptomatic spinal or peripheral musculoskeletal pain;
  • Have no history of spinal or lower limb trauma and/or deformity;
  • Have no neurological pathology impacting on spinal or peripheral joint mobility;
  • Be willing to provide informed consent;
  • Have no affiliation or conflict of interest with the manufacturers of either workstations (Ergotronâ or Varideskâ) &;
  • Not be a current user of a sit-stand desk workstation.

What will you be asked to do:

  • Attend the Motion & Performance Centre at St John’s for between 60-90 minutes;
  • Have reflective markers stuck onto bony landmarks on your upper & lower body;
  • Perform some data normalisation tests;
  • After training and familiarisation, perform 5 repetitions of sit-stand-sit movements with each of the two types of workstation.

We are awaiting the outcome of ethical review, but if you are interested in participating, please email Dr Neil Artz via  Once ethical approval has been obtained you will be provided with full details of the project via email, have the opportunity to meet and chat with one of the team, and if you are still happy to take part you will be asked to provide written informed consent.

Please help us make this VRA project a success and please do share this email invitation with any other colleagues or friends who may be willing and able to volunteer!

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