Calling Staff and Student Knitters and Crafters

yarnYarn Bombing Event on Campus: Calling Staff and Student Knitters and Crafters to Help with Making Small Knitted or Fabric Hearts…

Yarn bombing is where small, yarn (knitted, crocheted, woven, wrapped) objects (approx.. 2″x2″) attached to a tag. are left for the public to enjoy and, in some instances, take home (

Based on the idea of Peyton Heart Project in the USA, which uses yarn heart shapes (knitted, crocheted, sewn or wrapped around a piece of card) which have tags attached to them with a positive message on one side, and contact details for support agencies on the other we want to make over 1000 hearts for a series of University of Worcester campus yarn bombing events where the strung hearts will invite the finder to take the heart and tag home with them, or share them as they wish.

The US based Peyton Heart Project ( named after Peyton James, a teenager who died by suicide in 2014 was set up to raise awareness about bullying and suicide and help end the stigma surrounding mental health problems which can lead to self-harm and suicide. They have done this by yarn bombing various locations with small yarn hearts and tags where each handmade heart shape represents the heart of one life lost to suicide and has an inspiring quote with support details attached to them. They are placed in public places for people to find with the intention that people will stop for a moment and reflect on a young life lost to suicide, on bullying and, on the fact, that everyone’s life matters.

We want to use the same idea at various locations across the University campus sites to raise awareness about bullying, mental health issues and suicide but also to leave people with a feeling that there is still good out there in the world and to inspire others to join us in a mission to improve campus wellbeing and prevent unnecessary mental distress and suicide in our University student and staff community.

We need students and staff to get involved in the production of over a 1000 yarn hearts and tags (100 people making 10 hearts each). We will provide materials and equipment to knit, crochet, sew or glue heart shapes and tags.

Informal ‘Meet and Make’ session booked for:

  • Wednesday 5th October from 13:00-15:00 in Hereford Room (CC009).

Yarn heart drop boxes located at Main Reception (St John’s) and City Campus Reception will also be temporarily available for yarn heart contributions from students and staff outside of the Meet and Make sessions. So please get knitting, crocheting, sewing, glueing to support and be a part of this yarn bombing University Community event!

We are aiming for at least 100 students and staff to be involved, making about 10 hearts each to achieve our target of making over 1000 yarn hearts in the next 2 weeks.

What you will not know is when the Yarnbombing events will actually take place on campus but look out for the yarn hearts at a campus location near you over the next few weeks…


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