Volunteers for research study – sports

The project is looking at comparing the effects of gym-based and non-gym-based exercise on the body. Specifically, participation would involve 3 separate visits to the laboratory at the University of Worcester upon which you will be given breakfast, and an exercise bout will follow this. I am looking at 3 different modes of exercise: sprints on an exercise bike, squats and star jumps and comparing the effects on things like heart rate, mood affect and changes in markers in the blood. You would undertake a different mode on each visit and each exercise bout consists of 4 x 30s intervals with recovery in between. Ultimately, I am interested in whether the non-gym-based (star jumps or squats) can replicate the effects on the body of the bike sprints as non-gym-based exercise has great time-efficiency potential.

Each visit will last up to 4 hours, but for most of this time you are invited to read or bring a laptop and work. Each visit can be arranged around your other commitments but it is also necessary to control for the stage of the menstrual cycle, which we can discuss further. Sessions would start as early in the morning as you would like. I have attached the participant information sheet with more detail. Please have a read of it and from then, if you remain interested in participating and are happy with the inclusion/exclusion criteria, let me know and we can arrange a familiarisation session prior to your laboratory visits.



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