ISE Seminars in Semester 1

Tuesday October 11th 1.15  EE1026
Earth, fire and a little wind: firing a replica medieval pottery kiln at Holt, Worcestershire

Dr. Dave Mullin (UW)

Thursday November 17th 1.15 EE1104
Using citizen science to monitor and conserve bumblebees

Dr. Kate Ashbrook (UW)

Thursday November 17th  EE G087 Urwin Theatre  6.00
Lovatt Lecture:Volunteering in Land Cover Mapping: the interface between citizen and remote sensing

Professor Giles Foody (University of Nottingham)


Thursday November 24th   1.15 EE1026
The effect of a fine sediment pulse on substrate characteristics and invertebrate distributional patterns in stream mesocosms

George Bunting (UW)


Tuesday November 29th   1.15 EE1057
Investigating redox-dependent immune function in response exercise: applications to immunosuppression

Dr. Alex Wadley (UW)

Tuesday December 6th   1.15 EE1057
Macroinvertebrate biodiversity and community ecology in freshwater

Dr. Matthew Hill (UW)

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