Courses from the Leadership Development team

Being Coached; Good coaching is unbiased, objective support that identifies the best of your qualities and abilities and helps you develop them; coaching is a confidential one-to-one relationship in which an individual uses the skills of a coach to work through topics in a structured way to find an outcome or solution. There are trained coaches within the University who can provide support in this way. If you want to know more please contact Mary Bradley

Coaching Forum: In order to provide coaches with CPD for their role and networking, a twice-yearly Coaching Forum is held for all University Coaches (ie. those who have completed a recognised programme of training). Coaches are consulted about the content of meetings therefore tailored to need. These meetings/workshops will provide information, insights and networking opportunities. Next meeting 6 December 2016

Introduction to Mediation; This workshop will help you to understand how mediation can help with resolving conflicts/disagreements in the workplace. We will consider what is mediation and why it works, how it’s used in other contexts and where it can be useful within the University. We will also consider the key skills needed for mediation. The workshop is open to all staff and especially those who supervise, lead and manage others. 1 December 2016

Introduction to Mindfulness; Aimed at those with no prior experience of mindfulness this introduction offers an opportunity to find out more. Often linked with improvements in self-esteem and self-confidence, it can also help to improve concentration and the ability to learn and remember. An overview of the workshop is available in the all staff documents, personnel, training folder on the o drive. 8 November 2016

Mindfulness: Next steps; A follow-on from an introduction to mindfulness, next steps takes mindfulness to the next level. You will refresh simple techniques, explore solutions to mindfulness issues and further develop your practice of mindfulness. 6 December 2016

Sim University; Fancy being a Vice Chancellor for the day, using a sophisticated computer-based university simulation (SimUni). The session is ideal for gaining a greater understanding of the complexities of an HE institution and provides the chance to work together in cross-University groups to determine priorities, manage resources and, ultimately, achieve strategic success. 2 November 2016

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