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shut-up-and-write-posterShut up and Write!

The Hive will be hosting another Shut Up and Write! event on Wednesday 30 November, 1-5 pm in Rooms 5 & 6 (Level 2). It’s a great opportunity to grab some hot drinks & biscuits, sit down and focus on whatever you’re writing at the moment. For more information, contact Su Fagg, Research Support Librarian, at

Time to start thinking about Semester 2…

Lists need to be sent for review before 1 December to ensure that any new books arrive by the beginning of the semester, so why not get started now? Your lists can be found by logging into Aspire and searching for the module name or code, so there’s no need to start from scratch. Once you’ve found it, make sure you’re happy with it, then send it for a review and publish it.

Still worried, or can’t remember how to edit your Resource List? Contact your Liaison Librarian, who will be happy to help.


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