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Photography and Science at its best

The Royal Photographic Society and British Science Week come to Worcester in 2017.

This year’s Royal Photographic Society  International Images for Science exhibition will be visiting The Hive between 8th February and 22nd March as part of its national tour.

There will be a preview of this prestigious exhibition at the University in the Charles Darwin Building between 19th January and 5th February 2017.

The RPS exhibition will be on display at The Hive during  British Science Week (10th March -19th March 2017).  To celebrate this national week of science we are planning a small ‘Micro Science Festival’ which will feature the following  …

  • A programme of school workshops running at The Hive where children will investigate the theme ‘Hidden in Plain Sight’. Workshops will bring interactive, exciting opportunities to investigating forensics, pollen and radio waves, guided by University staff and students.
  • A series of smaller exhibitions (in addition to the RPS exhibition)…
  • On the Lower Ground Floor at the Hive –

Fragments by Mike Hallett, and A Nostalgia for Beauty by David James.  These thought provoking images showcase the photography of University academics who are also Fellows of the RPS.

At the Cathedral Between 11/3/17-30/3/17 –

Time Contained by Tania Marsh, an exhibition of figurative paintings exploring the notion of pausing a single moment in time.

  • Tuesday 14th March, a public lecture entitled ‘the Science of Beauty’ which is free and open to students and the public (tickets in advance).
  • Saturday 18th March, the Royal Photographic Society and the University will be running a zoom box project which enables participants to make a working microscope.

If you’d like to get involved please contact

The RPS is now welcoming entries for the 2017 competition.

Entries can be images from health, forensic science, geography, zoology, engineering, astronomy, indeed all scientific fields with striking images of interest to everyone.


TRACHEA TREE By David Maitland

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