New ethical approval processes for staff and research students

Dear All

As of this month I can confirm that new Ethical Approval Processes for staff and research students are in place. All applications for Ethical Approval from staff or research students must be submitted to one of two Research Ethics Committees at University level. Dependant on the area of research this will either be the Health and Sciences Research Ethics Committee (HSREC) or the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Research Ethics Committee (HASSREC).

Details of the process can be found on the Research Ethics Blackboard pages here: These pages can also be accessed through the blackboard staff page.


Under the new processes, you may submit for proportionate review in your project is ethically low risk. For higher risk projects, you must submit for full review. The attached document provides some perspective on risk and applications for ethical approval but please e-mail if you want advice on this matter.

There are monthly deadlines for full review as follows:

Full review for high risk applications
Date Time
7th February 9.00am
7th March 9.00am
4th April 9.00am
2nd May 9.00am
6th June 9.00am
4th July 9.00am
1st August 9.00am

There are fortnightly deadlines for proportionate review as follows:

Proportionate review for low risk applications
Date Time
7th February 9.00am
1st February 9.00am
7th March 9.00am
21st March 9.00am
4th April 9.00am
18th April 9.00am
2nd May 9.00am
16th May 9.00am
6th June 9.00am
20th June 9.00am
4th July 9.00am
18th July 9.00am
1st August 9.00am
15th August 9.00am

If you have any queries about the process or any other ethics matters, please refer to the Research Ethics Blackboard page or contact Louise Heath, Research Support Officer (Post-Award) on

Best wishes

Dr John-Paul Wilson
Deputy Pro Vice Chancellor Research

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