Undergraduate student surveys 2017 – launch information

Dear colleague,

On Monday 6 February 2017, we will be launching the National Student Survey (NSS) and the internal Course Experience Survey (CES) to all undergraduate students at the University. The NSS is open to all final year students who have not previously been invited to complete it, and the CES to all first and second year students, plus any final year students who have previously completed the NSS.

All staff are asked to promote the surveys to students to ensure that we achieve strong response rates. Weekly completion rates will be made available via www.worcester.ac.uk/surveys once the surveys launch. Our response rates and overall satisfaction for the 2016 surveys were our highest ever (80% for the NSS and 34% for the internal survey), and we are aiming to build and improve on these results for 2017.

Completion of these surveys confers many benefits to the University, including the use of NSS data in Key Information Set published at Unistats for prospective students, and to inform our ongoing work on further enhancing the student experience. Key NSS questions are also 3 of the 6 TEF metrics. Information and supporting PowerPoint presentations and videos on this year’s surveys can be found at O:\All Staff Documents\NSS\NSS 2017.

The NSS is accessed via a personalised email link and at www.thestudentsurvey.com and the CES via a personalised email link, Blackboard and the new student application portal, MyDay.

All students who complete a survey online will have the option to enter a prize draw to win 1 of 5 iPad Minis. Additionally, £1,000 is available to Institutes with a 55%+ response rate for the CES. This fund is for StARs to use to improve the student experience within the Institute; IOE and ISE have both been awarded the funds in previous years, with StARs in IOE using the funds to set up the Education Enhancement Society.

The surveys are open until 30 April, with results for the CES being made available during May, and the NSS during August/September.

Please encourage your students to complete these important surveys as their views and opinions will help to shape the future of our University and its student experience.


Ross Renton
Pro Vice Chancellor Students

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