2017 HEA National Teaching Fellowship Scheme (NTFS) and HEA Collaborative Awards for Teaching Excellence (CATE)

Dear colleagues

The HEA has advised that the 2017 round of NTFS and CATE will open in February and the proposed closing/submission date is in April. These start much sooner in the academic year and are on a different timing to last year. The HEA has also advised that the overall design of the two schemes and criteria are not expected to change significantly; submissions may be via an online platform.

National Teaching Fellowship Scheme (NTFS)

It is expected that UW will be able to nominate up to three colleagues under the NTFS – the criteria are:

Criterion 1

Individual excellence: evidence of enhancing and transforming the student learning experience commensurate with the individual’s context and the opportunities afforded by it.

Criterion 2

Raising the profile of excellence: evidence of supporting colleagues and influencing support for student learning; demonstrating impact and engagement beyond the nominee’s immediate academic or professional role.

Criterion 3

Developing excellence: evidence of the nominee’s commitment to her/his ongoing professional development with regard to teaching and learning and/or learning support.

A nominee should be a Fellow of the HEA (any category). Staff are eligible to be nominated to NTFS under various contracts including part-time, full-time, and non-permanent (fixed-term).”

UW has been successful with nominations over the years, and was delighted to have two colleagues become NTFs in 2016 – Maggie Andrews and Rachel Barrell.

Information about the NTFS and application process can be found on the HEA webpages https://www.heacademy.ac.uk/you/national-teaching-fellowship-scheme-ntfs.

Colleagues wishing to express an interest to be considered for a nomination by the University should email Maureen Beckwith (EA to the Director of Quality and Educational Development, m.beckwith@worc.ac.uk) by 9 am on Mon 27th February 2017 the following:

  1. A complete and current CV
  2. A maximum of two sides of A4 stating why you consider you meet the three criteria given above (use font Ariel 11).

Collaborative Awards for Teaching Excellence (CATE)

These Awards were run for the first time in 2016 and given below are the criteria used in that round of applications:

1 a clear set of aim(s), objectives and rationale for the team’s approach
2 demonstration of how the team presented in the application, works collaboratively and how collaborative working has been an advantage
3 demonstration of how the team, presented in the application, constitutes a team and developed as a team
4 demonstration of direct involvement of students with the team
5 illustration of how the team has addressed a thematic issue: assessment and feedback; retention, employability, staff development; students as partners; technology and social media
6 demonstration of creative solutions to a challenge, situation, problem
7 provision of detailed comment on the impact of the outcomes/outputs of the collaborative work
8 demonstration of how the collaborative work has enhanced student learning

The University expects to be able to submit one team for this Award, so it is proposed that colleagues submit potential nominations – name of team and a brief rationale (max 1 side of A4, using font Ariel 11). Again, for your team to be considered for a nomination by the University please send to Maureen Beckwith by 9 am on Mon 27th February 2017. Further information on last year’s Award is available via https://www.heacademy.ac.uk/you/collaborative-awards-teaching-excellence-cate.

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