Share and Inspire

Engaging positively with BME students and staff: Learning from research, planning for praxis.

20 March, 12:30 – 14:00 Room EE2011

According to the Department for Education; ‘Realising equality of outcome for all is a real and pressing issue for UK Higher Education and we must work together and in partnership to deliver wide ranging and sustainable solutions’ (DfE, 2017: 7). Nowhere is that need more pressing than ensuring equity of outcome and experience for Black students and those from a Minority Ethnic background.

Recent data from within the University of Worcester reveals that for 2012-13, among first degree home entrants, the non-continuation rates were 13% among students who were Black or from a Minority Ethnic background compared to 8% for White students. Additionally, in terms of attainment, 39% of students who were Black or from a Minority Ethnic background achieved a First or Upper Second degree in comparison to 65% of White students.

With this in mind, this Share and Inspire event aims to provide a safe space to initiate discussion and action to address issues of minority ethnic achievement, racism and inequity of outcome.

The event will provide:

  • An insight into the current context nationally and within UW (Ellen Williams, Student Achievement Officer)
  • A research informed perspective shared from colleagues in Birmingham City University (Dr Barbara Howard-Hunt and Marion Johnson)
  • An opportunity to apply learning for future action and current practice (Dr. Seán Bracken, Co-Learning and Teaching Lead, IoE and Dr. Maxine Pryce-Miller, International Coordinator, IHS).

Lunch is provided.

For further information please contact Lisa Chivers (

Please sign up for this seminar here (

Department for Education (2017) Inclusive Teaching and Learning in Higher Education as a route to excellence DFE-00044-2017.

Available online:

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