Red Nose Day for Comic Relief at the Students’ Union

Red nose day at the SUThe three Students’ Union elected officers, James (VP Education), Hemi (VP Student Activities) and Jade (President) pledged at the beginning of the 2016-17 academic year to do more national fundraising.

Starting with Children in Need, we cycled the distance of the River Severn and then cycled back to Worcester, on static bikes in the Students’ Union! It took a full day and lots of energy but it was very rewarding when we counted the £686.96 we raised for Children in Need!

This Red Nose Day, we have set a high target again, at £500. Many activities are planned to ensure we reach it. All staff are wearing red to work to help raise awareness and throughout the day, there will be activities going and as we hit our fundraising targets. Fun punishments will be unlocked for each of the officers. When we raise £100 James will have his hair sprayed red, when we raise £200 Hemi will spray his notorious beard red. When we reach that £500 mark, Jade will be getting gunged! Our Team Worc Sports and Societies will be running a multitude of additional fundraising activities on the day so be sure to keep an eye out and get involved! You can stay updated via our website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

If you have any ideas to raise some money for Comic Relief then come and see the officers in the SU or drop Hemaka an email

We cannot wait! See you on 24th March.

Worcester Students’ Union

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