Red Nose Day at the Students’ Union

Friday 24 March was Red Nose Day so the Students’ Union got involved in lots of activities to raise awareness and money for Comic Relief! The three Students’ Union elected officers joined in by pledging to receive a forfeit when the donations reached a specific target:

Our first target of £100 saw the Vice President of Education, James Gunther, had to get his hair dyed red.

When £250 was raised the Vice President of Student Activities, Hemaka Pathiranage, dyed his beard red.

And finally, the huge target of £500 saw President, Jade Haley, gunged.

As well as this, the University of Worcester Men’s Rugby team got involved by Zumba-ing for 2 hours in the Pear Tree Bar!

The Pear Tree Bar then continued the Red Nose Day fun by hosting a Societies 80s/90s Lipsync and created Comic Relief Cocktails. When all of the donations from the Comic Relief buckets and our Giving Page were added up at the end of the day, the grand total was £612.55. Meaning that we beat our target by over £100! The Students’ Union would like to say a huge thank you to anyone that got involved or donated on
Friday, as it all goes to help a great cause.

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