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Library news – chat and popular Resource Lists

Top 10 Resource Lists for March – is yours on the list?

Every month Library Services looks at which Resource Lists have been best used by students. In March the most popular lists were:

  1. SOCG3110 ‘Race’, Ethnicity and Education – Luke Devine
  2. BAPP3016 Evaluation and Change within the Professional Context (Partner)
  3. HIST1104 Ideology and Conflict in Europe Since 1789 – Paddy McNally
  4. PITE2007 Foundation Subject 6 (Geography, Music & DT) 
  5. EDST3127 Critical Perspectives on ‘Special Educational Needs’ – Teresa Lehane
  6. SOCG3104 Response to Crime: The Justice Process – Luke Devine
  7. FDTL1010 Work-Based Project (Partner – The Learning Institute) 
  8. NCTC1001 Facilitating Learning in Groups (Partner) – Kay Cram
  9. NUTH4013 Nutritional Improvement – Justine Bold
  10. NCTC1003 New baby – New family: Part 1 (Partner)

Congratulations to all the members of staff who worked hard to make them so useful for their students.

Coming in April – Trial of Library Services chat service

Library Services are pleased to announce that they will be running a trial chat support service from 18 April-26 May. Librarians will be available to chat from 1-4, Monday-Friday, for the duration of the trial. Library Services hopes this new service will be an additional source of online support for students and staff, particularly during the busy exam & marking period. More details about how to use the service will be released soon.

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