Spring into Maths event

Spring into Maths is an initiative that has been running at the University for the past 4 years involving the PGCE Primary Mathematics Specialist students and pathway lead. This one-day event is held on a Saturday in April (8th April this year) at the St John’s Campus and is a joint event with the Institute of Education and partner schools.

Students were involved in the design and leading a range of workshops which have embedded within them reasoning, fluency and problem-solving supporting the aims of the National Curriculum in a creative format. The workshops were planned to support the deepening of conceptual understanding around challenging areas of mathematics. The day is aimed at a range of Key Stage 2 children (aged 8-11). It is an opportunity for children to meet other children from a range of local schools, develop interpersonal and independent thinking skills, and support their love of mathematics.

Over the 4 years, we have had 300 children from 25 different schools attending these days. This year there were 91 children from 8 different schools who took part in the day. The students designed workshops which involved a multiplication maze, the magic of maths, geometry and fractions.

All schools taking part in the day found it valuable and there was 100% positive feedback from both the staff and children. As part of the day, children are given a tour of the campus and a talk about the work we do. The day has raised awareness of the work we do not only within the Institute of Education but also across the whole university. Every year a number of children comment positively about wanting to come to Worcester for future studies.

Students find the day engaging and valuable. They really value the opportunity to plan teaching in a non-school context where they can see children engage with mathematics for pure enjoyment. One trainee stated, “The day has really confirmed for me why I am going into teaching and I loved the opportunity to develop intellectual curiosity.”

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