The Psychology Society are hosting a Charity Car Wash to raise money for the Mental Health Charity SANE!

This event will be running Thursday 27 April from 9am to 5pm at Worcester Arena in the rear Car Park. Minimum donation of £2

The event is being run as a Thank You to SANE for providing these workshops. Should you feel you know a group who would be interested in or benefit from these workshops please do get in contact and I will be happy to arrange one – Please see the details below.

SANE have provided some workshops to students. SANE’s unique workshop tackles common educational gaps in mental health head on. You will explore the difference between the stigmatisation and actuality of various mental illnesses, and begin to understand the symptoms of common mental illnesses in the same way that you know the symptoms of physical illnesses. In this way, SANE’s Black Dog Campaign team hope to create an atmosphere of acceptance and awareness that will see more individuals seeking support, and more friends helping those individuals.

Ensuring educated attitudes towards mental health in universities is a more pressing issue than ever. A 2015 NUS survey found that 8/10 students will at some point suffer from some sort of mental health issue during their time at university.

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