Invitation to the Inaugural Professorial Lecture of Professor Carsten Ambelas Skjøth

The Inaugural Professorial Lecture of Professor Carsten Ambelas Skjøth

“How the Internet of things will revolutionize forecasts of airborne pollen, spores and plant diseases, improving agriculture and human health”

Wednesday 24 May, 5.15 for 5.30pm, at the University of Worcester Riverside Building, Hylton Road, Worcester, WR2 5JN

It gives me great pleasure to invite you and your guest to the Inaugural Professorial Lecture of Professor Carsten Ambelas Skjøth, Wednesday 24 May, 5.15 for 5.30pm at the University of Worcester’s Riverside Building. The lecture will be followed by a reception to which you are also warmly invited.

Professor Carsten Ambelas Skjøth is Professor in Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Worcester. He received his PhD in 2009 from Copenhagen University in Denmark and served until 2013 as a post-doctoral researcher at the universities in Aarhus, Denmark and Lund, Sweden. Professor Skjøth moved from Scandinavia to Worcester in January 2013 as a senior lecturer, further strengthening the University’s work in aerobiology and atmospheric science.

Professor Skjøth’s work is internationally recognised. He has been involved in policy-making through the Danish Air Quality Monitoring Programme and has advised the government in relation to pollen, climate change and invasive species. Professor Skjøth has published extensively in relation to chemical and biological air quality. He recently acted as scientific coordinator and vice-chair of a major, pan-European scientific network, funded through a European COST Action, set up to develop strategies to monitor and manage the spread of ragweed, one of the most prominent invasive alien species in Europe and the cause of severe allergic reactions in sensitised people.

At Worcester, Professor Skjøth leads an active research group working on atmospheric science and airborne pollen and spores with funding from, amongst others, the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme and the UK Research Councils, specifically the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC).  The group collaborates with a number of UK universities including Birmingham, Bangor, Exeter, Oxford and St Andrews and with partners across Europe particularly in Denmark, Poland and Spain.

In his lecture, Professor Skjøth will demonstrate how rapidly developing technologies are currently revolutionizing our understanding of the biology of the air and its impact on the environment, globally as well as locally. He will also highlight major knowledge gaps and will discuss how “the internet of things” will soon transform services, thereby benefitting agriculture, human health and ecosystems.

I do hope you will be able to join us.

Please reply to Becky Seabright at, tel: 01905 857515, by Wednesday 17 May.

Yours sincerely,
Professor David Green
Vice Chancellor and Chief Executive

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