Bridging the Global Educational Gap Conference

The University of Worcester, in association with the British Educational Research Association Special Interest Groups for ‘Comparative and International Education’ and ‘Educational Research and Educational Policy-making’, invite you to participate in our second international conference entitled Bridging the Global Educational Gap taking place on 22-23 June 2017 at the University of Worcester.

The conference will focus on a number of important themes related to the impact of globalisation and internationalisation, such as inclusion, sharing knowledge across the globe, curriculum and its impact on knowledge generation, globalising (teacher) education, developing evidence-informed practice and self-improving systems, diversity, global citizenship, and intercultural education. This conference takes forward some of the issues explored during last year’s conference entitled ‘Education: A Global Perspective’, where we started to look at UNESCO Education 2030: A Framework for Action and Education in a Global Context. This year’s conference will include an exploration of solutions to support the implementation of the UNESCO Education 2030 goals, and to support the development of a vision of education as a self-improving evidence-based sector with international collaboration.

The conference is aimed at researchers, academics, consultants, practitioners, research students and professionals working in fields such as international, intercultural and comparative education, curriculum development, education policy and practice. The conference will provide an opportunity to collaborate and explore ideas to expand and develop theory and practice.

For further details see:

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