Wheelchair Basketball Continental Clash


The Continental Clash, hosted by British Wheelchair Basketball, delivers international wheelchair basketball action in the heart of Worcester. A truly unique opportunity to watch the GB teams challenge wheelchair basketball superpowers from across the world. A truly spectacular sporting event.

Monday 5 June to Friday 9 June 2017 at the University of Worcester Arena



5 June
9:30 GBR v FRA
11:45 GER v JPN
17:00 FRA v GER
19:30 JPN v GBR

6 June
13:30 FRA v JPN
15:45 GER v GBR

7 June
13:30 Semi Final
19:30 Semi Final

8 June
17:00 3rd Place Playoff
19:30 Final


6 June
9:00 GBR v JPN
11:15 GER v AUS
18:00 JPN v GER
20:15 AUS v GBR

7 June
11:00 AUS v JPN
17:00 GBR v GER

8 June
10:00 Semi Final
12:30 Semi Final

9 June
10:00 3rd Place Playoff
12:30 Final

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