Last few places : Skills Gym – ‘Working with Others’

Dear Colleague

We would like to invite you to participate in our latest Skills Gym called ‘Working with Others’. This is the first of two half day Skills Gyms that have been developed to look at understanding those we work with, both customers and colleagues, to enable us to understand the issues and effectively resolve difficult situations. This Skills Gym will involve a half day training session which will look to develop key life skills that you will be able to put into practice in your work environment.

This first session will look at how our perceptions become our reality, how we react to the needs of others, using questioning and listening skills to understand rather than judge. You will look at how to establish the best approaches, verbally and non-verbally and stay professional under pressure.

Sally Booth (from Juno Learning & Development) runs this ‘Working with Others’ Skills Gym. Sally is passionate about building confidence and skills in others that help enhance their performance at work. Her enthusiastic approach looks at the drivers of behaviours and finding an approach that works for individuals, moving you from understanding to actual practice.

The half-day sessions will take place on Tuesday June 27 and Wednesday 28 June with exact details around the time and location available on Workshop Bookings.

Kind regards

Training and Development Team



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