Undertaking the Role of the External Examiner

Two colleagues from the Institute of Education Secondary Centre participated in a recent pilot course for External Examiners being organised through the Higher Education Academy.

The pilot course was aimed at aspiring as well as those with experience as an external examiner and provided an opportunity for all those engaged in the pilot to offer a perspective and input to the course.

The course involved a series of activities supported by a wealth of reading and research materials accessed via the HE Academy web site prior to a full day of activities.

Participants were from a wide number of Institutions throughout the UK. The on- line activities provided stimulating and thought provoking exemplars and tasks relating to the work of External Examining and the nature of Academic Standards.

The final day in Cardiff was facilitated by Professor Margaret Price from Oxford Brookes University and focused on the Key B7 indicators. Having outlined the national picture, participants had the opportunity to share practice, debate and review elements that influence and impact on Academic Standards through a series of workshops.

With over ten years’ experience as an External Examiner, this was a wonderfully invigorating course offering the chance not only to consider current practices but to hold in depth discussions with those involved in external examiner work and to solve case study dilemmas and scenarios.

Jill Jackson.


One thought on “Undertaking the Role of the External Examiner

  1. As the second member of staff who attended the pilot I can vouch for how useful the experience was, especially as someone with little EE experience. It also sparked interesting thought and debate around assessment and marking and I would highly recommend future courses to colleagues.

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