School of Arts Staff Notices The Hive

Images from the Past: poetry that confronts and reimagines history


Members of the English, Media and Culture department, Dr Jack McGowan, Ruth Stacey and Katy Wareham Morris will be reading their poetry alongside local poets, Claire Walker and Antony Owen on the evening of Thursday 1st March at The Hive, in the Studio from 7.30pm. Both Claire and Antony are recently published by V Press.

The theme for the evening is Images from the Past:

Antony Owen will read from The Nagasaki Elder which was written after his visit to Hiroshima, where he interviewed survivors and after his research into the War bombing of his home city of Coventry.

Claire Walker will read from Somewhere Between Rose and Black which is based on her Great-Aunt’s diary, which was originally written in the 1960s.

Dr Jack McGowan will read from his work-in-progress collection of poetry, Rackham!, which explores the fame, and most often misfortune, of Calico Jack Rackham, a pirate captain active in the early 18th century during the twilight of the Golden Age of Piracy.

Ruth Stacey will read poems from her collection, Queen Jewel Mistress (Eyewear), which attempts to capture the voice of British queens/consorts throughout history, capturing the feeling of moving through the centuries whilst also telling each queen’s story.

Katy Wareham Morris will read poems on motherhood, marriage and identity, attempting to articulate the pluralistic nature of the ‘female’ experience both past and present. She will read from her pamphlet, Inheritance (Mother’s Milk Books) and from her forth-coming publication, Cutting the Green Ribbon (Hesterglock Press).

University staff are warmly invited to attend this event and to promote it amongst friends, colleagues and students. The event is open to the public also and is free. There will be an opportunity to discuss the work with the poets.


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