Katy Wareham Morris’s debut poetry collection: Cutting the Green Ribbon Launch

Dear colleagues,

I would like to invite you all to the launch of my debut poetry collection, Cutting the Green Ribbon, on Friday 18 May, 6pm in the Studio at The Hive. The collection is published by experimental, Bristol-based publisher, Hesterglock and I’ve received some positive feedback so far.

‘In Cutting the Green Ribbon, real-life contemporary experience is interspersed with the imagined voices of famous women, creating a multi-facetted and powerful collage of what it is to be woman. I’m reminded of the feminist slogan ‘The personal is political’, as vivid and startling imagery both strips bare and re-dresses notions of ‘femininity’. Even the language is alive, tantalising and tricky. Words and form interact playfully, and provocatively, in poems that are in turn tender and sharp, thought-provoking and paradoxical. This collection is hard, hungry, passionate.’ S.A. Leavesley (V Press)

‘Prepare yourself for this fast, furious, eminently female, visceral, sexy, brash, brave, experimental, roller-coaster of a poetry collection. I know of nothing else like it. This poet has found her own dark courageous, bold-as-brass voice. Brava!’ Deborah Alma (The Emergency Poet)

I will be joined by other female guest poets on the evening. Once again this event is free (no need to book) and open to staff, students and public, so please share it amongst your networks. There is a poster attached. I hope you can join us.

Best wishes,


ctgr poster as JPEG

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