SCIPS Survey

Dear Colleague

I am currently undertaking some research in relation to the SCIPS website a resource available to staff to support an inclusive approach to learning and teaching.

SCIPS (Strategies for Creating Inclusive Programmes of Study) is the result of a HEFCE funded project that was authored and managed by Dr Val Chapman (NTF) at the University of Worcester in 2003/04. SCIPS assists the academic community in developing a more inclusive approach to the design of teaching, learning and assessment strategies that will enable students with diverse needs /disabilities to participate more fully in Higher Education. The intention of this investigation is to evaluate the SCIPS website and identify the impact it is having on practice. How is the resource supporting lecturers / teachers in identifying students’ needs and providing effective strategies to support the student? It will also provide an opportunity to highlight areas for development for the website.

I would be most grateful if you would participate in the online survey provided in the link below. You will find attached a consent form to enable me to publish the results once the data has been collated.

Please fill in the Consent Form and return to Your online responses will remain anonymous.

If you would be happy to talk part in a focus group please would you contact me:
Sharon Smith

Best wishes


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