Public talk: Towards Healthy Ageing

Staff and students are invited to attend an Institute of Sport & Exercise Science Research Seminar/Public Talk being held on 21st June 2018 at the Hive – further details below and in the event flyer.

Towards Healthy Ageing: Exploring the psychological, physical and cognitive dimensions of ageing and physical activity

Thursday 21st June 2018 from 13:00-14:00 in The Studio at the Hive

Dr Jennifer Joyce and Dr Clare Rhoden

The World Health Organization global strategy and action plan on ageing and health (2016-2020) articulates a commitment to promoting healthy ageing in every country through raising awareness of the value of healthy ageing, combatting ageism and creating age-friendly environments. In working towards these aims, it is recognised that the process and experience of ageing is diverse and multifaceted with factors such as the environment, personality and social networks all playing a role in how we age.

Lifestyle factors which have received significant attention are physical activity and fitness levels. Current research evidence suggests that being active in later life can reduce age-associated cognitive decline. But what are the exact effects of exercise on memory, processing of information and decision-making and what type of exercise is best? Research also tells us that exercise can increase our mood, positivity and sense of belonging. But other factors including society’s views of ageing, our own confidence to be active and perceptions of our health may encourage or thwart our attempts to be active as we get older. This talk discusses research and theory from the domains of cognition, psychology and sociology to explore their relationships with physical activity and ageing and the overarching aim of improved quality of life.

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