Graduate Destination Information

We are pleased to let you know that our most recent graduate destinations survey of 2016-17 leavers has shown overall positive results:

  • 97% of graduates are in work or further study six months after completing their course
  • Graduate level employment has increased by 5.8% to 75.6%,
  • Unemployment rates have dropped to 3% compared to a national average of 5%
  • 67% of leavers in employment are working in the West Midlands.

For further information about where your graduates have gone, by Institute and by course, see O:\All Staff Documents\Employability\Graduate Destination information\2016-17 leavers

Please note that in the future all leavers including the 2017-18 cohort will be surveyed under the new Graduate Outcomes survey which will follow them up after 15 months rather than the current 6 month census period.

For further information about the survey or how we can work together to further improve graduate outcomes please contact Rose Watson (Careers and Employability Service Manager).

For further information about the data please contact Katherine Bruce (Employability Data Coordinator, Careers and Employability Service) or Matthew Thompson (Data Analyst, Data Management Unit).

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