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Christmas Hospitality update

Every year local families, faith groups and university staff offer students the chance of a family or communal meal over the period when the University is closed for Christmas.  This is very much appreciated by students who might otherwise be alone over the festive period and feedback from families involved shows that they also value the experience too.

This year 10 students attended a shared meal organised by Bromyard Methodist Church, together with 49 members of the local community, and five other students spent Christmas day with local families.

For many students it was the first time they had experienced Brussel sprouts or Christmas pudding.

One of our students wrote, ‘The Christmas lunch was very lovely. From the very beginning we could see that a lot of effort was put into the preparation of the tables and the place itself. In addition to the delicious three course they had presented us with cute candy presents! It was nice to sit together with other international students and have a chat. Most people were pensioners, some of who we had a chat with as well. We were both curious about each other’s Christmas traditions and life in our countries. If I would go next year, I’d love to help out the people there to set up or prepare the tables.’

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