Academic Research Staff Notices

Final few participants required for exercise research study!

Final chance to be a part of the home-based exercise research study! Do you want to become more active but struggle to find the time to do so? If you would like to try a research-informed exercise programme that is time-efficient and can be based in your own home, please read on! We are investigating whether short, high-intensity workouts in the living room can be just as effective as trips down to the gym, by exploring the effects on many markers of health and fitness. Following the study, you would be briefed on your results and provided with a participation report which will explain all of your measures.

If you are female, aged 18-45, currently doing less than 150 minutes of exercise per week and with a BMI of 25-35, we would love to have you involved. Participating in this study will require 3 visits to the laboratory (over the next few months), during which there will be free time to work on a laptop. If you are able to work away from your office for this amount of time and are interesting in participating and getting more active, please see the attached poster and email Alice Burgin at Thank you!

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