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Encouraging students to vote in the Autumn Elections

Worcester Students’ Union holds annual Autumn Elections to elect Part Time Officers, Student Councillors, and NUS Conference Delegates. The period in which students can nominate themselves has now ended. Once candidates have been announced, students will be able to vote for who they want to represent them from Tuesday 8th October – Thursday 10th October. It’s so important that students at the University of Worcester cast their vote in these elections and have their say, in order to make sure that the Students’ Union represents them, their community and their values. Please encourage your students to do so at!

What do Part Time Officers do?

Part Time Officers hold unpaid elected positions. Each position has a specific area of responsibility and it is the responsibility of each officer to promote that area in the activities of the Students’ Union. Part Time Officers continue with their studies during their time in office. Students can stand for the following positions:

  • BAME Officer
  • International Students’ Officer
  • LGBT+ Officer
  • Mature Students’ Officer
  • Student Disability Officer
  • Sustainability Officer
  • Welfare Officer
  • Women’s Officer

What is Student Council?

Student Council is the overarching representative body of the Union and provides any student with the opportunity to try to influence the policy, priorities and activities of the SU. Elected Student Councillors represent a range of students from across the University, its campuses, accommodation, and Schools. Ideas from students are discussed and debated by Councillors who then vote on whether to approve these proposals and ideas. You can find a full list of positions here:

You can find out more about the Autumn Elections on our website

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