Staff Notices

Staff Development: Becoming a Mentor

Date: Wednesday 20 November

Time: 10:00-12:00

Room: WB023

Description: mentoring has been recognised as an important activity that helps to support people who are new to the University, moving into a new role or returning from a period of absence.

Participants; all members of staff who have an interest in supporting and developing others.

Learning outcomes; this workshop will explain the mentor role, the process of mentoring, and consider some of the skills required.

Prior experience required; some experience of working in the University.

Preparation before the session; none required, although the policy on mentoring is available on the HR webpages.

Future opportunities; mentors might wish to develop their skills into becoming an internal coach. The skills for mentoring are applicable to many other activities that colleagues undertake.

Session facilitator; the session will be facilitated by Gill Slater, Head of OD. Gill has been a mentor to people in different roles and helped to develop the overall scheme here and in other organisations.

If you have a health condition or disability which requires arrangements or equipment to be available to you during your workshop, please contact Laura Curtis –


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