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Law Panel Discussion: The Chagos Legal Dispute

The School of Law is hosting a panel discussion on the Chagos Legal Dispute, that will be taking place at 13.15 on 20 November 2019 in the Courtroom at Jenny Lind. The event is free to attend and there will be lunch provided from 13.00.

The panellists include Dr Jamie Trinidad (Cambridge), Dr Sue Farran (Newcastle), Mr David Snoxell (the former UK High Commissioner to Mauritius) and Chris Monaghan (University of Worcester).

Anyone who is interested in attending can reserve a free space by emailing Chris Monaghan at

The Chagos Islands: Britain’s Last Colony

In 1965, the UK created a new colony, the British Indian Ocean Territory (which encompassed the Chagos Islands). This was the last colony that the UK would create. The Chagos Islands had been administered by Mauritius (then a UK colony)  and the UK ‘encouraged’ Mauritius to cede the islands prior to receiving independence from the UK.

Prior to the creation of the British Indian Ocean Territory, there were people living on the islands. Known as the Chagossians, they had lived on the islands for several generations. However, the islanders were exiled from their homeland to accommodate the construction of a US military base on the largest island, Diego Garcia. Since the 1980s there have been a number of legal challenges by the Chagossians in order to return home. In addition, Mauritius is challenging the UK’s sovereignty of the islands and has been successful at the General Assembly of the United Nations, and at the International Court of Justice.

Please see the attached poster for further details.

Chagos Panel Discussion Poster

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