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Workshop Examining the Role of Personal Academic Tutoring

Share and Inspire Session: Examining the Role of Personal Academic Tutoring Through the Lens of Transactional Analysis

Joanne Augustus and Dawn Goodall
11th December 2019 – 13:30 – 15:30
EE G169

This experiential workshop is designed to support PATs to support their tutees through an awareness of unconscious interactions that can occur. You will be guided through different examples to support a move away from the unconscious cycling of the drama triangle, towards a creative Winner.

Through conducting 26 semi-structure interviews with Personal Academic Tutors who have at least one years’ experience, 3 themes were identified; Self; Others/ Systems; Resilience. In asking where next e.g. the provision of information or training, the researchers then re-examined the themes through the lens of Transactional Analysis (Stuart and Joines 1987).

The session will involve:

  • Explore Karpman’s concept of a drama triangle in the context of how individuals move between the roles of Victim, Rescuer and Persecutor in their role as a PAT (1968).
  • Consider ways to support PATs to move from Drama Triangle to the Winners Triangle.
  • Evaluate the transferability of this workshop to PATs across the University.

You can sign up for this session on the staff development page.  Lunch will be provided on the day.

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