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University Charity Challenge

Departments are invited to put forward teams to compete against each other in the next university Charity Challenge – a series of events to raise funds for the University’s Charity of the Year.

You may remember that last year, staff came together for a 100 miles in a 24 hour challenge, raising more than £15,000 towards the total raised for Smile for Joel.

This year’s Charity of the Year is Cure Leukaemia, which was selected after staff heard about the remarkable story of University of Worcester Nursing graduate, Brooke Evans. Brooke now works as a haematology nurse at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, in the same building where she received life-saving treatment five years earlier.

We hope that staff will once again come together to take part in a unique and demanding challenge to raise thousands of pounds for this good cause.

Details of the next Charity Challenge

The next Charity Challenge will take place on Friday  5th June 2020 starting at 7pm and will run over 24 hours, finishing at 7pm on Saturday 6th June 2020 with a barbecue at Lakeside Campus.

It will involve teams competing in a:

  • 16 mile Night Walk (Malvern Hills to Broomhall)
  • 16 mile Canoe
  • 20 mile Cross Country Run
  • Basketball match
  • Water Assault Course

The Challenge will be open to all University staff, partner Colleges, associated staff and student staff. There will be a maximum of 10 teams allowed to compete, two of which will be external organisations associated with the University.

We want this event to be as inclusive as possible. Disabled participants and those who face challenges in actively participating in physical activity are encouraged to take part. We have tried to ensure that as many of the activities as possible are adapted and accessible, but if you have any further queries specific to your own personal circumstances, or would like to discuss adaptations that we may not have thought of, please feel free to get in touch and we can discuss this further.


Each team must consist of 9 competitors and 2 reserves. Staff with a disability or who think they may face certain challenges in participating, and who would like to work with a buddy or support worker on the challenge, can do so. Any guide runners, tandem pilots or support workers assisting staff to take part in the challenge will not be counted towards a team’s total of 9 competitors.

Teams will be required to nominate a ‘Team Captain’ who will need to attend monthly meetings from January to May. These meeting are compulsory and if the Team Captain cannot attend they must send another member of their team as a representative.

There will be rules on how many competitors are required for each event, so teams will need to make sure individuals are capable of competing in a minimum of 3 events. For example –  the night walk will require 4 of the team to enter, mainly for safety reasons, and the Water Assault Course requires full team participation.

This is a demanding event and colleagues from the School of Sport & Exercise Science have provided expert advice around the activities. They have also offered to support teams with training plans and guidance on safety during the events. This will be discussed in more detail at the team meetings.

What to do next ….

If you’re up for the challenge, identify a team, nominate a captain and email the challenge organising team at by the deadline of Monday 6th January 2020. As mentioned above there will only be 8 university teams competing, so only the first 8 full teams will be accepted.

As it is multidisciplinary, the event structure is quite complex. If you have any further queries or are trying to determine if the event is right for you, please contact me directly and I’d be happy to discuss any questions you may have.

The challenge will need a support team covering such duties as driving, administration and marshalling etc. If you cannot participate in the challenge for whatever reason but would like to be part of the support team then please e-mail

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