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Workshop: Concept Analysis – a Radical Alternative

Concept analysis: a radical alternative

A discussion with John Paley

11 February 2020 (09.30 – 15.30)

City Campus, University of Worcester

Nurses have long been interested in concept analysis (CA), and over the years large numbers of CA studies have been published.  However, CA gives rise to a range of significant problems and puzzles.  To explore these puzzles, and to suggest how we might rethink our approach, I am working on a book about how to do CA differently.

I am now at the stage where feedback on my ideas would be useful and – if you are also interested in this topic – perhaps you would consider joining me for a day workshop?

The morning session will explore what it is that we mean by the word ”concept”.  Initially, I will try to persuade you that there are no such things as concepts, or at least that this claim is not as implausible as it looks. (And if there are no concepts, you can’t analyse them.)  After that, I will invite attendees to tell me what I’ve got wrong, and why.

The afternoon session will abandon concepts and turn to language.  I’ll suggest an alternative to CA, and illustrate it by considering one linguistic expression currently of interest to nursing: “moral distress”.  Again, I’ll give a presentation first, and then invite comments and criticism.

John Paley, formerly a senior lecturer at the University of Stirling, is now busily retired.  John writes on topics related to philosophy and health care, including research methods, evidence, complexity, spirituality, the post-Francis debate about compassion, and nursing ethics.  He is author of Phenomenology as Qualitative Research: A Critical Analysis of Meaning Attribution (2017 – Routledge).

For further information please contact:

Martin Lipscomb (Senior Lecturer) –

To book:

Places on this talk are free of charge but booking is essential via the following link:

Concept analysis_a radical alternative_11.02.20

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